Que Style Takeover

June 26, 2016


White Lace Dress from New Look, Striped foil skirt from H&M, Suede jacket by 3.1 Phillip Lim, Heels by Zara.

A few days ago, TataCliq invited me to do something really fun for Que magazine. I got an email asking me to to explore Que, that I will find that was about real people and real stories. Sure enough, it’s for the short girl, the tall guy, the plus sized working mom, the Libran, the perfectionist, the sapiosexual, the drummer, the dreamer and the procrastinator. And y’know what? Que is about as #IRL as I’ve seen any fashion platform get in India. I promptly circulated it among my team for references on how to tell stories that matter. The Style Takeover meant I styled The-Little-White Dress from New Look in a way that was uniquely my own and so of course, I added a foiled leather jacket, a foiled striped skirt and metallic heels. It’s pretty cool to see how bloggers from around the country have styled it too!

The Land Rover Experience

June 2, 2016

Talk about a car that makes you want to go on adventures!

A few days ago, I was invited to a hands-on experience of Land Rover’s New Discovery Sport and boy was it something! It’s a beautiful beast of an all-terrain vehicle and it seems there is nothing this car can’t handle. Land Rover created a one hour long off-road path (or should I say obstacle course), somewhere in the outskirts of Bangalore to drive this point home. We had instructors guide us through how to navigate this beast but turns out there was no guidance required at all, I could’ve driven it blindfolded! It’s super intuitive and works without a hitch on it’s ‘auto-pilot’ modes. The displays are minimal, gorgeous and easy to figure, even for a driving newbie like me. The hero though, and what we put to the test, is the 4 terrain settings of grass, gravel and snow, mud and ruts and sand. And here’s what made it feel like we were inside (a rather spacious) Ironman’s suit, there wasn’t even the need to accelerate or brake in some of these modes as it conquered impossible terrain. It was as though I could will the car … Read More »


May 19, 2016

As much as I harp on minimalism – a filtered and purposeful life with an emphasis on less – I have quite a bit of more. My work, this heady mix of styling and shooting and writing, creates a hurricane of stuff. Everyday, there are shopping bags, boxes arriving at the door, waiting to be unpacked , tried on for size, reviewed, kept or discarded or gifted. An aftermath of empty boxes and packing peanuts confront my very existence. And so, as I write about less, about a capsule closet or an all-natural toxin-free beauty shelf, my studio is covered in cardboard, nearly always.

I think quite a lot about reducing, reusing, DIY’ing, and de-cluttering. And so, it was only natural that when Lee approached me for a collaboration, I thought of a friend who doubles as daily inspiration in this matter. Montry Manuel, of the Thalavattam fame, uses instruments created from waste plastic and metal with the aim to inspire people to think creatively about waste. The idea that you can clean up the plastic waste that is plaguing your city through music is such a rockstar way of doing the right thing. We shot a small film with him … Read More »