Jet off to Miami with Vogue Eyewear

August 14, 2015

Picture this- You’re stretched out on a beach bed clad in your bikini uniform, lazily sipping on a tall glass of perfectly chilled LIT. Clear cobalt skies melt into a golden sea as you look beyond the glistening white sands into the Atlantic horizon that seems to be calling your name. Of course, you’ve also been checking out the hot bods, some reminiscent of Baywatch, but nobody has to know – what happens from behind your stylish oversized sunnies stays behind your sunnies.

That is, until you are huddled up with your besties on the sprawling bed of your plush room overlooking the pristine infinity pool enjoying some quality girl time. An activity best accompanied by more drinks and some gourmet finger food, of course.

You load sun-things into a straw bag, throw on your fav sunglasses and descend onto the city with your besties. You see the sights, shop till you drop, only to find that every single muscle in your body is pulled to a happy face. You’re back on your porch for the sunset and everything turns to a golden liquid. That’s, of course, your cue to dive headfirst into some heady cocktails and party the evening away!

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Style Swap With Swarovski

August 13, 2015

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We know that labels are for jars and desktop folders; and we are neither jars nor desktop folders. Ever so often as fashion bloggers, you either slot yourself or get slotted into a particular style and then find it hard to sashay out that comfort zone. When Swarovski asked Sonia and I step out of this ‘mould’, needless to say, I was actually itching to try something new and fun! After all, my favourite fashion bloggers are the ones that package an element of surprise. As part of the middle leg of the #StyleYourWayToParis contest, Sonia and I had to create a video where we style each other for different occasions with the Swarovski jewellery on hand. We both went into the shoot completely blind and err.. you’ll have the watch the video to see how it all turned out!

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BFW Day 4 13th Edition: Streetside Boulevard

July 29, 2015

Day 4 saw off-catwalk style make it to the catwalk with Snapdeal’s Streetside Boulevard.

One of my favourite parts about fashion weeks from around the world has to be off-catwalk style. Every season, I pore over the latest batch of street style images from Fashion Weeks across the globe, looking for tips and takeaways from the industry’s most sartorially savvy individuals. I’m talking a cancel-party-plans-to-keep-browsing level of obsession. And, I got a next-level look at it in Snapdeal’s show, Streetside Boulevard. Fashion influencers, models, editors, designers taking to the streets to articulate their individual style is as interesting to see as the fashion weeks themselves. And to depict this, Snapdeal’s stylists picked 4 cities: London, Paris, Milan and New York and went with fashion’s timeless rules: simplicity, proportion and most importantly, individualism. The looks were innumerable, the music was bangin’, and the style? Totally inspiring.

Street style has come full cycle as it discards its sneakers, T-shirts and baseball caps for glamorised comfort. As models strolled down the runway, the recipe for a new street style called for a dash of hip-hop, a smidgen of punk and a big dollop of sophistication and a smattering of the latest trends, of course. Wrap it up with a carefree attitude and you have the perfect look – slightly disheveled … Read More »