Swarovski : An Adventure in Form

August 18, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, you saw me wearing a sash and an awkward smile, doing the pageant wave and blowing kisses to no one in particular. That was my 15 seconds of fame with Swarovski as I was announced the finalist from Bangalore in the super exciting Style Your Way To Paris contest.

This was followed by a preview on Swarovski’s Facebook page of the 2 looks I put together which opened to voting a few days ago. Last minute styling glitches and wardrobe malfunctions aside, I had the best time doing this, which is why you should check out all 5 finalists from India and browse our looks here. RoC lovelies, I needn’t ask you to vote for me, do I now? :)

Anyhoo, as part of the last leg of the contest, I had to create a piece of content that ‘spoke Swarovski‘ to me. I thought long and hard over it and decided to make a video on the first and simplest idea that struck me when I first laid my eyes on Swarovski’s jewellery – beauty.

While beauty itself is such a vast, expansive concept; the idea of beauty is lodged firmly in our consciousness. We seem to live in an omnipresent culture of fixation on beauty - at the … Read More »

The Fashion Blogger Brigade at Popxo

August 8, 2014




So thrilled to announce I’ve joined the Popxo Blog Network along with some fabulous beauty and fashion bloggers in India. You can read all bout the amazing concept here and my barely contained excitement about the whole Blog Network affair here.

Style Your Way To Paris with Swarovski

August 8, 2014


About 2 days ago, I crammed a weekend bag with some sequins and shoes in a mad hurry and scrammed out to Swarovski’s Bangalore edition of the ‘Style Your Way to Paris’ event. Seriously, sometimes I wish these events were public attractions that I can recommend to anyone visiting – I’d pipe on about this style master-class held in a mediterranean restaurant (Olive, one of my favourites) where you get to break pita bread with pretty women while sipping on sangrias…the fashion is fabulous, the jewellery you get to style yourself with is a treat and when the evening comes to an end, it just isn’t enough. But alas, it was a special occasion that brought together sweet bloggers Deepali, Nilu, Pranita, and Namita around a fun styling contest that could send you to Paris Fashion Week.

The looks were Boho-Chic and Formal Lunch. Here are my somewhat over-the-top interpretations of both.

Look 1: Boho-Hobo 

Sequin Dress – Vintage and thrifted on travels, Maxi skirt and Caftan – Zara, Tapestry Shoes – Charles and Keith, Box Clutch – Rachana Reddy, Bracelets – Slake by Swarovski 

I joked that everything on me that … Read More »