Flee Ourselves

May 30, 2014

Kerala Gold shot by the ever so talented Rahul Datta of Starving Artist Videos.

Smrithi, Arathi, Rahul and I made a trip to Munnar last weekend. It took us a harrowing 16 hours to get there thanks to some real bad last minute planning (so many lessons, so well learnt). But, we all came away from the trip.. HAPPY - for some things delight our bodies even when they cause some pain (like turning over in an overnight bus to change to a side that is not yet tired..aahh). But here is some stuff we did do right and you should too.

                                                     Take long walks. Leave your camera in your bag. Ha, the irony!

                   Stay in weird-ass hotels. You could go terribly wrong but the story is usually worth it. Baby Shaman, I’m looking at you.

Pack light. If you need to check your luggage, you’re doing something wrong. Definitely carry that wine bottle though.

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Tinder Tailor Soldier Spy

May 23, 2014

That’s like Hot or Not, right? Erm.. It’s a sex app, right? 

So, I joined Tinder.

On this quiet Saturday night, I found myself bored, ordering take out from the ever reliable FoodPanda (seriously ladies, single-girl-in-mad-hectic-city’s best cuddly friend)..and.. of course, alone. Hold up though, can my smartphone deliver a date to me with as much ease as it does Chinese?

You see, my business partner had been talking his mouth off all day about this hot new app called Tinder and as you know – I’m no ‘late adapter’! I needed to see what the fuss was about. I needed to cultivate an educated personal opinion et al. I download Tinder. I sign in and immediately have about 500 images of men (all within a 50 km radius!) thrown at me through my screen.

Hmm.. This is strange but I’m kind of addicted. Even if I am slightly unimpressed and a little bit disappointed by the men here. I’m probably on profile 415 by now and all I’ve seen is some male friends and a client or two. I’m swiping images to the left in almost a rhythm but never swiping right or tapping the ‘green heart’ to denote interest. As the website explains, “It’s anonymous until someone you like, … Read More »

A Soul Train How-To

May 12, 2014

Get With It 

And Lose Yourself To Dance 

-Artwork via the super talented Ruby Taylor