Shades of Sephora

March 8, 2016

One for all, all for one

Hallelujah! Bangalore finally has a Sephora, in Forum mall and Orion mall, and I see myself making a couple of trips a week after years of having friends and family bring stuff down on trips to India. If you’re having trouble starting somewhere (the range is extensive and the brands are mind-boggling), I’ve picked a few of my favourites to help get started!

This MAKE UP FOR EVER 5 Camouflage Cream Palette Colour Correct & Concealer is a powerful weapon in my beauty arsenal. When I’m stressed, my skin plays chameleon with redness or ashy discolouration or brown blemishes  and this palette gives me a flawless, even complexion. It’s super smooth and creamy, virtually blending into nothing. <3

Beam me up, Scotty! A youthful glow with no effort is my latest jam and these BENEFIT and SEPHORA highlighters are top shelf, if you know what I mean. ;)

Keeping my hair colour rich and glossy has always been quite an uphill task for me since I went blonde. The SOAP & GLORY Glad Hair Day shampoo and conditioner work wonders for highlighted and heat-processed hair (guilty on both counts!).

Like a hug for your face, there is a SEPHORA sheet face mask … Read More »


December 22, 2015


I’m a sucker for beautiful design especially when combined with robust functionality. And there are no better examples of this combination than in nature. Ever look at honeycombs and wonder why bees make the perfect hexagons, with jewellers’ precision? ;) Besides being a gorgeous mix of delicate configurations of lines and angles that reflect a desire for barely-there jewels, hexagonal honeycombs make the perfect optimised compact grids to store in- minimal weight and maximum strength. Imagine if your jewellery reflected this too, y’know, besides just looking pretty. recently introduced it’s BeeJewelled collection with jewellery made in grid-like formations play host to strips of diamonds in waves which add a touch of just-enough glamour to an edgy collection. The designs are powerfully impressive ranging from fan-like frills of honeybee wings to honeycomb-inspired geo-styling that is delicate but strong. My favourite pieces are the ones that also allow a sense of movement (like these earrings) in all the geometrical grids and wire-work, softening the rigidity that geometric designs can sometimes end up with.

{I’m wearing the Remi Droplet Drop Earring, Sidra Drop Pendant, Aina Deep Twist Ring and the Eira Sparkle Ring on a plain canvas of an off-shoulder white midi-dress to keep the attention … Read More »

RoC Must-Haves: Resort Edition

September 18, 2015

Pack the right attitude; the confidence to say yes and the power to say no.

Winter is coming and all I can think about is a glamorous vacation of sun and sandals and surf and straps before the temperatures start to dip and the layers start to pile.

Let me draw you a little roadmap to the ‘resort-chic’ essentials I’m coveting right now, courtesy Snapdeal’s new app ‘Shopo’.

First up, Google how to lose 10 kgs fast and drop to the floor and give me 50! Now, grab your Bikini Trimmer from behind the closet, because. Jk, Jk. Skip the first 2 steps if you love yourself ‘just the way you are’ (and wee, more power to you, sista!) but everything mentioned here onwards seem pretty ‘essential’ to me in the chic vacation department so pay close attention.

Pack the right attitude, you’re stylish, you’re wild, anything is possible when the tide turns. You will need; the confidence to say yes and the power to say no. Add to that a pair of easy striped shorts with high-low tees or floral rompers for day and sequinned jumpsuits or printed mini skirts for a stylish transition into cocktail nights that transition into a stylish blurs. Jelly sandals/belts, cheap sunglasses and a clear plastic tote mean … Read More »