Haute Stuff

March 13, 2015



In which I indulge in some Haute Haberdashery

Sure, if you’ve met me you’ve probably never seen me accessorise in big ‘statement’ jewellery. I have a few signature jewellery pieces in clean themes and simple lines that are a huge part of my day-time mix for the ease of throwing them on halfway out the door and never having to suspect if they’ll pull the day’s look together – they always do. But sometimes, on special occasions, I’ll fixate on the thought that jewellery should be larger-than-life and celebratory, gather one in.

It’s been one of those times when, having done my usual – lets call it ‘inspiration run’ – through some of my favourite fashion blogs and magazines, a common theme jumped out at me – haute couture. When Kirtilals asked if I’d like to do a collaboration with them, I felt compelled to seek out some rather couture-inspired jewellery pieces which riff on very detailed and intricate craftsmanship, drawing from India’s traditional jewellery designs. Kirtilals specialises in creating jewellery which skilfully navigates that fine line between classic and innovative.

An Exotic Bloom 

I think that florals are really hot right now so I included an ornate studded gold necklace that did … Read More »

Shades Of Summer : Vogue Eyewear Spring Summer ’15

March 1, 2015

When I think of sunglasses, I immediately think of mini investments and lifelong camaraderies. While there’s always a great mix of bang-on-trend sunglasses available at the local mall, I’ve been blindingly afraid of cheap lenses leading to UV ray related wrinkles and straight up blindness! The hypochondriac in me hadn’t used the words ‘accessible-to-all’ and ‘sunglasses’ in the same sentence until I came upon Vogue Eyewear – On-point and Italian crafted designs in stellar quality proving a great pair of sunglasses don’t always have to cost an arm and half a leg.

Last month, I was kindly invited to be a part of an amazing blogger engagement activity with Vogue Eyewear to model the S/S ’15 collection. Not only was I to be featured with 5 other awesome-sauce bloggers from all over India but I was also to be shot by the legendary Atul Kasbekar! I was styled in these lovely sunnies – an adaptation of the cat-eye but interestingly chameleonic in a way that they would look great on every face shape. The theme was ‘In Vogue’ and Allia Rufai dressed me in an oversized top and striped pants which I paired with my trusty studded heels. Elton Fernandez drew on bold brows and lips … Read More »

Long Story Short

February 20, 2015

In which I find my soulmate in Carlos Saavedra and adopt a blonde-ish bob. 

I’m pretty sure if you look up ‘whim’ in a dictionary there’s an illustration of a girl with bangs or a belly button piercing. In fact, there’s probably an account of me blissfully shaving off all my hair on a whim, simply because I was having a bad hair day. This post is nothing that extreme (or that stupid), I promise. I’ve never been the kind of girl to have reactionary haircuts to induce ‘ex envy’ after a bad break-up.. my motivation for change has always been rather pure – a curiosity for the new. Either way, a few weeks ago and with no boyfriend or break-up in sight, I had decided to chop off my long, black, predictable locks, just because.

Carlos Saavedra had been recommended to me by the cotton-candy-haired Komal Basith of Jossbox, and having witnessed her amazing pastel transformation, I knew Carlos was the perfect man for my snippy needs. I went to him with no more than an emotion for a brief –  Surprise me, I said. He proceeded to launch a rather long investigation into my inspirations, my lifestyle, my daily routine – lots of first date … Read More »