Skipping Town With Sara

September 1, 2014

Today, I’ve decided to indulge in a beautiful travel story that took place a while ago with a really interesting girl I met this New Year’s Eve called Sara. Sara is a travel writer and self-admittedly, ‘a girl with no home’. I was immediately drawn to this wispy, untethered quality about her and before we even knew it, we were hitting it off famously and planning a trip to Dharamshala.

Tucked away in the Himalayan (Dhauladhar) range lives a small town that is no secret to the world: a cosy hillside community of Tibetan refugees, saffron-robed monks, spiritual aficionados and dread-locked backpackers, neatly organised into handicraft centres, fabulous eateries, mini-treks and late-afternoon reiki appointments. Officially known as McLeod Ganj to the world, it is also Little Lhasa to those who spend months there waiting to catch a glimpse of the Dalai Lama in his official residence while in exile from Tibet.

Sara and I arrived early on a Wednesday morning thoroughly worn out from a grubby day’s travel from Bangalore to Delhi and one twisty bus-ride from Delhi to McLeod Ganj. The fatigue doesn’t deter our aahhhs and ooohs for the picturesque town, though. We check ourselves into a … Read More »

Swarovski : An Adventure in Form

August 18, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, you saw me wearing a sash and an awkward smile, doing the pageant wave and blowing kisses to no one in particular. That was my 15 seconds of fame with Swarovski as I was announced the finalist from Bangalore in the super exciting Style Your Way To Paris contest.

This was followed by a preview on Swarovski’s Facebook page of the 2 looks I put together which opened to voting a few days ago. Last minute styling glitches and wardrobe malfunctions aside, I had the best time doing this, which is why you should check out all 5 finalists from India and browse our looks here. RoC lovelies, I needn’t ask you to vote for me, do I now? :)

Anyhoo, as part of the last leg of the contest, I had to create a piece of content that ‘spoke Swarovski‘ to me. I thought long and hard over it and decided to make a video on the first and simplest idea that struck me when I first laid my eyes on Swarovski’s jewellery – beauty.

While beauty itself is such a vast, expansive concept; the idea of beauty is lodged firmly in our consciousness. We seem to live in an omnipresent culture of fixation on beauty - at the … Read More »

The Fashion Blogger Brigade at Popxo

August 8, 2014




So thrilled to announce I’ve joined the Popxo Blog Network along with some fabulous beauty and fashion bloggers in India. You can read all bout the amazing concept here and my barely contained excitement about the whole Blog Network affair here.