October 19, 2014

Does my sexiness upset you?
Does it come as a surprise
That I dance like I’ve got diamonds
At the meeting of my thighs? 

Woke up on Monday channelling a psycho bitch. The drive of Rocky at gym and grabbing work by the balls, I run on nothing but fresh-pressed juices all day. Razor sharp stilettos and a moto-jacket speak my mood and I swear, I swear like a truck driver.

Woke up on Tuesday feeling a bit insecure, a bit vulnerable, a bit raw around the edges. A break for pimple-popping, I try to convince myself I’m not beautiful. A linen maxi swathes and soothes as I let my skin and soul breathe out the toxins.

Woke up on Wednesday in love with the world. Making friends at the morning coffee run, planning grand adventures with old ones. I dance to move as each moment flows effortlessly into the next. There is magic and mystery around every corner. I play with the dreamcatcher around my neck.

Woke up on Thursday as a quiet observer. Curious and bespectacled, hours are logged alone at cafes and gardens. This place, its people and its dresses, its the most beautiful live theatre production. I adore the … Read More »

In Love With Lenovo’s Yoga Tablet 2

October 18, 2014

Attention Lovers of Stylish Tech!

In a mission to rescue avid (addicted?) bloggers from carpal tunnel and other related repetitive strain injuries, Lenovo (proudly) presents a gorgeous piece of covetable gadgetry – a tablet to stand out amongst a sea of tablets – an anti-gadget gadget, if you will – The Yoga Tablet 2.

One of the best parts of my job here at Republic of Chic, besides the obvious ‘soaked in style’ lifestyle, is that I get to test-drive a lot of cool stuff. The Yoga Tablet 2 is something I’ve been testing and loving. I mean, I want to take it everywhere with me! Let me count the reasons why.

In true-blue fashion-blogger style, lets start with the fantastic cameras, front and back, that let you get in on all that selfie action but, with pro-perfection. It gives me a reason to ditch my bulky camera, especially since I can shoot, edit and share photos and videos across my social media, in real time.

It is absurdly thin and light! It slips into my clutch and remains unnoticed until I whip it out at Starbucks and settle into the whole hipster I’m-feeling-too-creative-to-work-from-an-office scene.

With ‘normal’ daily usage—browsing blogs … Read More »

Date Night Shopping At Kazo

October 16, 2014

What oh what do I wear?!

I have a date on Saturday night. Whatever. No big deal seeing as most of my Saturday nights are spent with the profound realisation that anyone with party plans just doesn’t have a bag of chips as big as I do. Or occasionally, I will put on some pants (you’re welcome) and socialise (on Twitter) to find out which wine pairs best with home alone on a Friday night.

I digress though. The most important thing of interest about the date here is really..What oh what do I wear?

Now, being a hardcore pants person, the only time you’ll see me in a dress is if I’m in the tropics and it’s too damn hot for pants (in which case you probably won’t even see the dress) or, if I’m doing filming work and nothing else looks good on camera. And first dates are as awkward as f*** anyway, right? I never know where to put my elbows + I’m constantly worried that a wayward crumb has set up camp on my cheek or worse, in my cleavage. I mean, I’m listening and I’m nodding and the conversation is going so well but does … Read More »