Hi! Fashion is my passion, fashion is in my gut. I hurt when I see mediocrity, I exult when I see innovation. What I write here may not be important but what you do with it is what really counts. I’m a voracious reader of Charles Bukowski and I believe the world would be a better place if they played Frank Sinatra once an hour on radio stations. Of course, I love Michael Cera. Oh and I’m here to live life out loud. Won’t you join me? 


  Credo/Guiding principles/Biases . . . . or . . . . Forestalling the Defenders of Drab  
  1. I love Fashion! (And you??)
  2. Republic Of Chic is an Indian Fashion Blog dedicated to fashion/style. Fashion Tidbits and Personal Style are presented as individual posts that do not follow a strict theme but rather a flow of ideas. Ideas are presented one by one so that detailed images can magnify the experience; this allows for a more intimate interaction between the image and the audience.
  3. Every morning you wait,
    clothes, over a chair,
    to fill yourself with
    my vanity, my love,
    my hope, my body -Pablo Neruda

    •  I think Fashion is Intimate. Period. Clothing must touch the body, just as style is an extension of the soul, just as this space is a continual intimate conversation between me and you.
  4. The object of this blog is to to move slowly but quickly. ‘Slow’ in the sense that much of the content being generated takes an enormous amount of time to study, shoot, write, execute, and ‘quickly’ in the sense that the content is presentable within a few clicks and is digestible at anytime or anyplace.
  5. I am a design freak. I don’t think anything in life has to be dull or drab, don’t expect ordinary here.
  6. I love CAPITAL LETTERS. And (Brackets). And !!! (Exclamation marks… preferably more than one). Halfway is no way as far as I’m concerned. (Life’s too short. Care deeply about your ‘it’ . . . or don’t bother to get out of bed.)
  7. I cherish inconsistency. Lot of what I say contradicts what I said yesterday or 5 years ago. Some of what I say here contradicts what I say here in other places. S-o-o-o? The world is inconsistent (even impermanent). All bets are off . . . and they never were on.
  8. Fashion is a hoot! I hope this space is fun (and that it inspires you to change it up a bit).
  9. I am a content strategist and consultant for brands. I like noisy quotes and inspirational pictures and pithy anecdotes. But . . . . everything I say here springs from solid research by me and (mostly) others.
  10. I hope you love this blog . . . . or hate it. I will be devastated if you are lukewarm about it!
Love and luck,
Ruhi Sheikh