The Land Rover Experience

Posted on June 2nd in Brand Collaborations.

Talk about a car that makes you want to go on adventures!



A few days ago, I was invited to a hands-on experience of Land Rover’s New Discovery Sport and boy was it something! It’s a beautiful beast of an all-terrain vehicle and it seems there is nothing this car can’t handle. Land Rover created a one hour long off-road path (or should I say obstacle course), somewhere in the outskirts of Bangalore to drive this point home. We had instructors guide us through how to navigate this beast but turns out there was no guidance required at all, I could’ve driven it blindfolded! It’s super intuitive and works without a hitch on it’s ‘auto-pilot’ modes. The displays are minimal, gorgeous and easy to figure, even for a driving newbie like me. The hero though, and what we put to the test, is the 4 terrain settings of grass, gravel and snow, mud and ruts and sand. And here’s what made it feel like we were inside (a rather spacious) Ironman’s suit, there wasn’t even the need to accelerate or brake in some of these modes as it conquered impossible terrain. It was as though I could will the car with my mind ala Tony Stark ;)

There might be others that tell you about it’s spec spectacular-ness, but I’ll tell you what I saw and thats impeccably modern and sculptured design, uncluttered controls and an effortless ease in being behind the wheel and magic under the bonnet that makes the wariest drivers (me) the confidence to conquer the world.


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