Shades of Sephora

March 8, 2016

One for all, all for one

Hallelujah! Bangalore finally has a Sephora, in Forum mall and Orion mall, and I see myself making a couple of trips a week after years of having friends and family bring stuff down on trips to India. If you’re having trouble starting somewhere (the range is extensive and the brands are mind-boggling), I’ve picked a few of my favourites to help get started!

This MAKE UP FOR EVER 5 Camouflage Cream Palette Colour Correct & Concealer is a powerful weapon in my beauty arsenal. When I’m stressed, my skin plays chameleon with redness or ashy discolouration or brown blemishes  and this palette gives me a flawless, even complexion. It’s super smooth and creamy, virtually blending into nothing. <3

Beam me up, Scotty! A youthful glow with no effort is my latest jam and these BENEFIT and SEPHORA highlighters are top shelf, if you know what I mean. ;)

Keeping my hair colour rich and glossy has always been quite an uphill task for me since I went blonde. The SOAP & GLORY Glad Hair Day shampoo and conditioner work wonders for highlighted and heat-processed hair (guilty on both counts!).

Like a hug for your face, there is a SEPHORA sheet face mask … Read More »

The Only Makeup Brushes You’ll Ever Need

June 16, 2015

It is easier than you think to do a full face of make up with only 5 brushes.

For longer than I care to admit, my approach to makeup has been more ‘finger painting’ than ‘brush strokes’. Lets just say I’ve been through somewhat of a makeup artistry renaissance. The right makeup tools can help you achieve a more flawless finish and even extend the life of your cosmetics as you tend to use lesser product with brushes.

Your Essential MakeUp Brushes Starter Kit

ZOEVA is the German makeup brush and cosmetic brand that is taking the world by storm. After months of research and now, hands-on review, I honestly believe that these are some of the awesomest makeup brushes on the crowded makeup brushes market! They’re super high-quality and darn affordable too! You need more makeup brushes like you need a hole in the head. These 5 gems will see you through practically ANY makeup look.

The ‘Silk Finish’ Foundation Brush

The Zoeva #102 Silk Finish is a densely packed, round-topped brush and it is the foundation brush to end all foundation brushes. Man, is this brush baby-bum soft! It buffs in liquid and cream foundations in flawlessly and leaves you with … Read More »

Long Story Short

February 20, 2015

In which I find my soulmate in Carlos Saavedra and adopt a blonde-ish bob. 

I’m pretty sure if you look up ‘whim’ in a dictionary there’s an illustration of a girl with bangs or a belly button piercing. In fact, there’s probably an account of me blissfully shaving off all my hair on a whim, simply because I was having a bad hair day. This post is nothing that extreme (or that stupid), I promise. I’ve never been the kind of girl to have reactionary haircuts to induce ‘ex envy’ after a bad break-up.. my motivation for change has always been rather pure – a curiosity for the new. Either way, a few weeks ago and with no boyfriend or break-up in sight, I had decided to chop off my long, black, predictable locks, just because.

Carlos Saavedra had been recommended to me by the cotton-candy-haired Komal Basith of Jossbox, and having witnessed her amazing pastel transformation, I knew Carlos was the perfect man for my snippy needs. I went to him with no more than an emotion for a brief –  Surprise me, I said. He proceeded to launch a rather long investigation into my inspirations, my lifestyle, my daily routine – lots of first date … Read More »


February 1, 2015

Does my sexiness upset you?
Does it come as a surprise
That I dance like I’ve got diamonds
At the meeting of my thighs? 

Woke up on Monday channelling a psycho bitch. The drive of Rocky at gym and grabbing work by the balls, I run on nothing but fresh-pressed juices all day. Razor sharp stilettos and a moto-jacket speak my mood and I swear, I swear like a truck driver.

Woke up on Tuesday feeling a bit insecure, a bit vulnerable, a bit raw around the edges. A break for pimple-popping, I try to convince myself I’m not beautiful. A linen maxi swathes and soothes as I let my skin and soul breathe out the toxins.

Woke up on Wednesday in love with the world. Making friends at the morning coffee run, planning grand adventures with old ones. I dance to move as each moment flows effortlessly into the next. There is magic and mystery around every corner. I play with the dreamcatcher around my neck.

Woke up on Thursday as a quiet observer. Curious and bespectacled, hours are logged alone at cafes and gardens. This place, its people and its dresses, its the most beautiful live theatre production. I adore the … Read More »

Beauty For Dummies: Hands Of Time

October 15, 2014

A modest post about, how in my late twenties, I’ve finally nailed this mani business, biaaatch!

Guys, I haven’t utilised the tips of my fingers in months and I can’t be more thrilled. I’m pretty sure that the nerve endings there have all grouped to become utterly sensitive erogenous zones, just saying. Let me tell you why this is a big deal.

In college, I once painstakingly painted my nails a fabulous red with salon precision (so proud, so proud), which quickly prompted a ‘mean (ass) girl’ in my class to say – “Wow, you must really have a lotta time on your hands”.  Oh, was the pun intended! It wasn’t until a decade later that I was over the embarrassment of looking like someone who likes to preen over utilising her time more productively, like eradicating poverty or something.

2013 was the year that it occurred to me, my hands are the thing that I look at the most (typing away at my desk) and painting the ends something different every once in a while, may be somewhat cheering. I mean, it is such minimal effort (my motor skills are stellar, tbh – surgical salon results are a given with me) for such … Read More »

Waxing Poetic

October 5, 2014

We all have it. 

You have it. I have it. Kim Kardashian may have ‘nuked’ it but E-News says its growing back. Oh yes, lovlies. I’m talking about body hair, in all its mammalian glory.

If  you’re a woman though, you’ve probably been made to feel ‘unattractive’, even UNNATURAL about this universal fact. As Indian women with beautiful, voluminous, shiny, healthy heads of hair, the rest of us tends to be pretty abundant too, doesn’t it? And yet our culture’s messaging on body hair is so convoluted and contradictory and loaded politically (in addition to cosmetically and economically) – at this point that it’s hard to decide whether I should be shaving or waxing or growing it out werewolf style in the name of feminism (S’hot!).

And yet noone had gone so far as to say “if you have body hair, you’re actually a dude”, YET.

You see, I woke up this morning to a pretty upset interwebz. Veet has qualified my worst fears in a series of 30 second sexist commercials with the douche message- Don’t Risk Dudeness.

While I’m a lil bit embarrassed for Veet right now, I’m even more ashamed to admit the following ad is REAL LIFE.

Guys, this next ad is an … Read More »

Skincare For Dummies: Sunscreen

September 30, 2014

A midsummer sonnet on sunscreen.

Excuse me but is where you are right now as torturously sunny as where I am? It is an average of 3000°C up in here and I want to shred every synthetic piece of clothing in my closet and toss every synthetic cosmetic that comes in contact with my (sweaty-schizo-parched-yet-oily?) skin. If Bangalore is burning, pretty sure hell has frozen over. Global warming is making itself known. Leo, I believe you now.

On a somewhat related note, have I told you guys that I’m on the wrong side of 25 already? Up until this year, I was all – “Sunscreen is for losers! I am woman, hear my melanin roar! I can brave the sun, acquire a covetable beach tan and come out unscathed!” Well, as is no surprise, I have realised that, this is, in fact, incredibly untrue.

Sunscreen, much like dental floss, is a doctor-recommended product that grandma never used but aged beautifully regardless, am I right? I mean, as Indians we are chock full of melanin protecting us against those bastard UV rays, right? Wrong. Sun protection is mad important, you guys. And so is flossing, now that we brought that up. Must.Floss.

Anyhoo, enter some … Read More »

The Great Indian Forehead Art

September 13, 2012

Pop goes the Bindi in Deepika Govind’s Pop Patola collection at Lakme Fashion Week 2012 

Bangalore based designer Deepika Govind explores the traditional and temporary facial adornment as an OTT statement accessory.

Lately, I’ve really been digging the bindi. I mean, we see our face as the most important part of our outer selves, the first part noticed, the most judged. And to watch generations of Indian women now, transforming bindis as a mode of self-expression, so much fun.

I love the interpretations its leading to, as evidenced in Deepika’s show – this one an experiment with a paradox of utility and aesthetics, taking a simple round dot from functional and wearable to extravagant and conceptual.


Half Moon At Harima

May 29, 2012

An Easy Half Moon Manicure with Inglot India nail Enamel No.961

F in Inglot Lipstick – Freedom System Palette in Red

Waiting ImPatiently For my Sushi at Harima + Republic Of Chic Aztec Ring

Inglot (India) sent over a cosmetics kit with a Freedom System Lipstick Palette of 5 lipsticks, Nail Enamel from its Grey Collection, some super Cream Concealer and a pot of Gold Eyeshadow (I’m wearing it here) for us to experience. 5 reasons why I’m impressed:

They nailed the right concealer shade for my complexion. I have been widely unsuccessful at this till date
They know I like my nails painted grey
The lipsticks were bang on trend; from your nudes to neons
The eyeshadow was a beautiful, deep pigmented gold one that lasted and lasted
If I had put this kit together myself, I would have done it no differently and I think this is super insightful and thoughtful

Moving on to my easy-peasy 5 min half moon manicure I tried/mastered right before running out for dinner last night. There are a ton of great tutorials that use stickers and top coats. There are ones that tell you to use nail art pens. But I couldn’t be hassled after a long day and I cheated. My quick fix was (umm..don’t judge me) a CD marker. I panited the half moons … Read More »

Model Morphosis

November 11, 2011


Photographer Greg Kessler captures the transformations of Paris Fashion Week (Spring 2011-2012). Here is model Iris Egbers before (left) and after (right), transformed. Beauty at Alexander McQueen.

Sigrid Agren for YSL

Zuzanna Bijoch at Givenchy

Frida Gustavsson at Jean Paul Gaultier

Kate King at Lanvin

Dempsey Stewart at Rick Owens

Jacquelyn Jablonski at Dries van Noten

Josephine Skriver at Emilio Pucci

Flavia Lucini at Emporio Armani

Bette Franke at D & G

Anabela Belikova at Gucci

See here for more Model-Morphosis features from older seasons.

I LOVE this game! It seems to me like those Dora The Explorer or Blues Clues games for kids on Nickelodeon- fun, interactive and all the while remaining educational! ;) (Click + drag the orange bar to see before and after)
I have spent way too much time with that orange bar.