RoC Must-Haves: Resort Edition

September 18, 2015

Pack the right attitude; the confidence to say yes and the power to say no.

Winter is coming and all I can think about is a glamorous vacation of sun and sandals and surf and straps before the temperatures start to dip and the layers start to pile.

Let me draw you a little roadmap to the ‘resort-chic’ essentials I’m coveting right now, courtesy Snapdeal’s new app ‘Shopo’.

First up, Google how to lose 10 kgs fast and drop to the floor and give me 50! Now, grab your Bikini Trimmer from behind the closet, because. Jk, Jk. Skip the first 2 steps if you love yourself ‘just the way you are’ (and wee, more power to you, sista!) but everything mentioned here onwards seem pretty ‘essential’ to me in the chic vacation department so pay close attention.

Pack the right attitude, you’re stylish, you’re wild, anything is possible when the tide turns. You will need; the confidence to say yes and the power to say no. Add to that a pair of easy striped shorts with high-low tees or floral rompers for day and sequinned jumpsuits or printed mini skirts for a stylish transition into cocktail nights that transition into a stylish blurs. Jelly sandals/belts, cheap sunglasses and a clear plastic tote mean … Read More »

Date Night Shopping At Kazo

January 16, 2015

What oh what do I wear?!

I have a date on Saturday night. Whatever. No big deal seeing as most of my Saturday nights are spent with the profound realisation that anyone with party plans just doesn’t have a bag of chips as big as I do. Or occasionally, I will put on some pants (you’re welcome) and socialise (on Twitter) to find out which wine pairs best with home alone on a Friday night.

I digress though. The most important thing of interest about the date here is really..What oh what do I wear?

Now, being a hardcore pants person, the only time you’ll see me in a dress is if I’m in the tropics and it’s too damn hot for pants (in which case you probably won’t even see the dress) or, if I’m doing filming work and nothing else looks good on camera. And first dates are as awkward as f*** anyway, right? I never know where to put my elbows + I’m constantly worried that a wayward crumb has set up camp on my cheek or worse, in my cleavage. I mean, I’m listening and I’m nodding and the conversation is going so well but does … Read More »

The Swimwear Shopping Solution

January 5, 2015

Things to consider before diving headfirst into the ocean. 

The Ahoy Sailor Maillot by Ferre 

The Pick Me Up Bikini by Ferre 

The Surf’s Up One-Piece by American Apparel 

Not only is finding the (flattering) swimsuit of your dreams one of life’s most perplexing sartorial dilemmas, it was also next to impossible to find one in Bangalore until I wandered into Crisp one day. But, more on that later. I need to vent some on this topic first.

Most of my swimwear came from ASOS and a handful of other international sites before, but now those come with a hefty customs duty to pay, sometimes up-to a whopping 40%! Besides, after many (frustrating) trials and errors with online orders, I’ve realised you must always try the suit on before purchasing because sizes will vary, even from the same label!

And, your suit should have the same comfort level as a bra. If you’re planning on doing more than just sipping on cocktails and tanning on a beach bed, try bouncing around (ha!) in the dressing room and make sure it hold you in well and provides enough coverage. A top that covers three quarters of your bust is just the right amount of … Read More »

Skipping Town With Sara

December 10, 2014

Today, I’ve decided to indulge in a beautiful travel story that took place a while ago with a really interesting girl I met this New Year’s Eve called Sara. Sara is a travel writer and self-admittedly, ‘a girl with no home’. I was immediately drawn to this wispy, untethered quality about her and before we even knew it, we were hitting it off famously and planning a trip to Dharamshala.

Tucked away in the Himalayan (Dhauladhar) range lives a small town that is no secret to the world: a cosy hillside community of Tibetan refugees, saffron-robed monks, spiritual aficionados and dread-locked backpackers, neatly organised into handicraft centres, fabulous eateries, mini-treks and late-afternoon reiki appointments. Officially known as McLeod Ganj to the world, it is also Little Lhasa to those who spend months there waiting to catch a glimpse of the Dalai Lama in his official residence while in exile from Tibet.

Sara and I arrived early on a Wednesday morning thoroughly worn out from a grubby day’s travel from Bangalore to Delhi and one twisty bus-ride from Delhi to McLeod Ganj. The fatigue doesn’t deter our aahhhs and ooohs for the picturesque town, though. We check ourselves into a … Read More »

Flee Ourselves

November 15, 2014

Kerala Gold shot by the ever so talented Rahul Datta of Starving Artist Videos.

Smrithi, Arathi, Rahul and I made a trip to Munnar last weekend. It took us a harrowing 16 hours to get there thanks to some real bad last minute planning (so many lessons, so well learnt). But, we all came away from the trip.. HAPPY – for some things delight our bodies even when they cause some pain (like turning over in an overnight bus to change to a side that is not yet tired..aahh). But here is some stuff we did do right and you should too.

                                                     Take long walks. Leave your camera in your bag. Ha, the irony!

                   Stay in weird-ass hotels. You could go terribly wrong but the story is usually worth it. Baby Shaman, I’m looking at you.

Pack light. If you need to check your luggage, you’re doing something wrong. Definitely carry that wine bottle though.

                      … Read More »

Tinder Tailor Soldier Spy

November 1, 2014

That’s like Hot or Not, right? Erm.. It’s a sex app, right? 

So, I joined Tinder.

On this quiet Saturday night, I found myself bored, ordering take out from the ever reliable FoodPanda (seriously ladies, single-girl-in-mad-hectic-city’s best cuddly friend)..and.. of course, alone. Hold up though, can my smartphone deliver a date to me with as much ease as it does Chinese?

You see, my business partner had been talking his mouth off all day about this hot new app called Tinder and as you know – I’m no ‘late adapter’! I needed to see what the fuss was about. I needed to cultivate an educated personal opinion et al. I download Tinder. I sign in and immediately have about 500 images of men (all within a 50 km radius!) thrown at me through my screen.

Hmm.. This is strange but I’m kind of addicted. Even if I am slightly unimpressed and a little bit disappointed by the men here. I’m probably on profile 415 by now and all I’ve seen is some male friends and a client or two. I’m swiping images to the left in almost a rhythm but never swiping right or tapping the ‘green heart’ to denote interest. As the website explains, “It’s anonymous until someone you like, … Read More »

A Soul Train How-To

October 25, 2014

Get With It 

And Lose Yourself To Dance 

-Artwork via the super talented Ruby Taylor

Republic Of Chic For The Serai, Chikmagalur

March 22, 2014

Consider this a love song. 

F is wearing a laser-cut top from random online store, waxed jeans and tasseled loafers from Zara  

 When you live in Bangalore anything past Karnataka feels like it requires a weekend bag and a passport – and Chikmagalur, the Land of Coffee is one of those easy weekend get-away destinations that wont require you to fill out a landing card. When The Serai invited us for a Women’s Day weekend to their famously luxurious resort in Chikmagalur, I just couldn’t turn down a rare spa break opportunity with my favorite fellow bloggers to unwind and un-do the nasty knots in my shoulder from hours of shooting and then being hunched over the laptop editing my photography projects. And so to the hills we ventured, an assortment of pretty lifestyle bloggers and I (also accompanied by music and madness), reaching in just under 5 hours.

To provide a somewhat..ahem..impartial review, I must confess that I am altogether too smitten with the general atmosphere of Chikmagalur and the vibe within the hotel. I seemed to want to curiously poke my head around different corners, exploring every nook of the gorgeous resort. As a twenty-something who appreciates design and likes … Read More »

The Nature Of Fashion Blogs

February 19, 2014



Via Incidental Comics

Bharti Kher

September 14, 2012

Bindis as codes, symbols and rituals by Bharti Kher

Highly regarded for her sculptural works, Bharti Kher produces paintings and installations that challenge cultural and social taboos in India. Her art is mostly composed of multi-layered and multi-coloured bindis – numerous circles of coloured felt*. A recurring motif in her work, Kher gives form to the slightly strange and slightly awkward encounters with the daily rituals of life. She uses found objects, such as mirrors or furniture to bring to attention the overlooked world with its everyday acts – such as applying the bindi in Indian culture, confessing as a ritual or looking at oneself in a mirror.

The clusters and patterns of multi-coloured, mass-produced, stick-on bindis in Kher’s work represent both custom, which is often inflexible, and the dynamic ways in which it is produced and consumed today. An arcane symbol of fertility, the contemporary stick-on bindi is a popular cosmetic device available in different shapes and colours and is an integral part of Kher’s oeuvre. Exploiting their cultural and aesthetic dualisms, Kher uses bindis as an epidermal filter to transform objects. As shimmering signs in the form of waves, constellations, and spirals, Kher’s bindis mediate between codes and symbols and the … Read More »