RoC Must-Haves: Resort Edition

September 18, 2015

Pack the right attitude; the confidence to say yes and the power to say no.

Winter is coming and all I can think about is a glamorous vacation of sun and sandals and surf and straps before the temperatures start to dip and the layers start to pile.

Let me draw you a little roadmap to the ‘resort-chic’ essentials I’m coveting right now, courtesy Snapdeal’s new app ‘Shopo’.

First up, Google how to lose 10 kgs fast and drop to the floor and give me 50! Now, grab your Bikini Trimmer from behind the closet, because. Jk, Jk. Skip the first 2 steps if you love yourself ‘just the way you are’ (and wee, more power to you, sista!) but everything mentioned here onwards seem pretty ‘essential’ to me in the chic vacation department so pay close attention.

Pack the right attitude, you’re stylish, you’re wild, anything is possible when the tide turns. You will need; the confidence to say yes and the power to say no. Add to that a pair of easy striped shorts with high-low tees or floral rompers for day and sequinned jumpsuits or printed mini skirts for a stylish transition into cocktail nights that transition into a stylish blurs. Jelly sandals/belts, cheap sunglasses and a clear plastic tote mean … Read More »

Date Night Shopping At Kazo

January 16, 2015

What oh what do I wear?!

I have a date on Saturday night. Whatever. No big deal seeing as most of my Saturday nights are spent with the profound realisation that anyone with party plans just doesn’t have a bag of chips as big as I do. Or occasionally, I will put on some pants (you’re welcome) and socialise (on Twitter) to find out which wine pairs best with home alone on a Friday night.

I digress though. The most important thing of interest about the date here is really..What oh what do I wear?

Now, being a hardcore pants person, the only time you’ll see me in a dress is if I’m in the tropics and it’s too damn hot for pants (in which case you probably won’t even see the dress) or, if I’m doing filming work and nothing else looks good on camera. And first dates are as awkward as f*** anyway, right? I never know where to put my elbows + I’m constantly worried that a wayward crumb has set up camp on my cheek or worse, in my cleavage. I mean, I’m listening and I’m nodding and the conversation is going so well but does … Read More »

The Swimwear Shopping Solution

January 5, 2015

Things to consider before diving headfirst into the ocean. 

The Ahoy Sailor Maillot by Ferre 

The Pick Me Up Bikini by Ferre 

The Surf’s Up One-Piece by American Apparel 

Not only is finding the (flattering) swimsuit of your dreams one of life’s most perplexing sartorial dilemmas, it was also next to impossible to find one in Bangalore until I wandered into Crisp one day. But, more on that later. I need to vent some on this topic first.

Most of my swimwear came from ASOS and a handful of other international sites before, but now those come with a hefty customs duty to pay, sometimes up-to a whopping 40%! Besides, after many (frustrating) trials and errors with online orders, I’ve realised you must always try the suit on before purchasing because sizes will vary, even from the same label!

And, your suit should have the same comfort level as a bra. If you’re planning on doing more than just sipping on cocktails and tanning on a beach bed, try bouncing around (ha!) in the dressing room and make sure it hold you in well and provides enough coverage. A top that covers three quarters of your bust is just the right amount of … Read More »

Fall In Style

September 6, 2012

I hate myself for instigating that pun, more so for executing it

Zara: In for Fall

As evidenced by their lookbook, September is quite simply a month of trends resurrected. And these are the jackets that have the power to complete an entire season’s wardrobe. The bold and the beautiful, from top left: the quilted floral, the oversized biker, the camouflage, the embellished, the  two-toned, the structured and the beaded. With the 8 items previewed above, I’ve already developed 30 hypothetical outfits. There is a nip in the air already and when weather permits (which I believe it might quite soon, I love Bangalore is), I will wear the shit out (maybe a couple) of these jackets.

Layering On The Neon

June 1, 2012

Perfect Shourouk necklaces for the neon jewelry trend!

Diamond necklaces don’t appeal to me at all. I prefer fun jewelry with big stones—so large they would be untouchable if they were real.
-Iris Apfel

Street Shopping in Rajasthan

May 23, 2012


One can never tire of shopping in the fabulous realm of maharajas and their majestic forts

Jodhpur Journal: Shopping and Skipping

April 12, 2012

Shopping antique  jewelry and handicraft textiles in Jodhpur, Rajasthan at a cute boutique in Ras Haveli. 

Wearing : Antique spike silver bracelet from Rajasthan, Button Masala (Anuj Sharma) bracelet with an antique silver bangle from Gujarat to compliment my Kimberly Orvitz metal vest layered over a textured dress over a hand-embroidered skirt from Jaipur 

 I needed a break from the more simple things in my wardrobe. I was in Jodhpur. I needed to inject into my look, the colourful and cheerful vibe I saw women all around me carry. This is as far as I got :| Black with shots of colourful embroidery. You have to look up to Rajasthani women for their highly developed sense of colour and textile, they are truly an inspiration!

I did though, embrace the seasoned and stylish traveller vibe on my trip to Rajasthan. A bit of texture, a handful of fringing and smattering of embroidery – perfect for when the sun is shining. Earthy colours and rich patterns were at the core, as did mixing, matching and layering to obtain a sophisticated and well-travelled feel. Here I layer an antique spike silver bracelet from Rajasthan, Button Masala (Anuj Sharma) bracelet with an antique silver bangle from … Read More »

Ravivari Bazaar: Thrift Shopping in Ahmedabad

March 21, 2012

Trying out vintage sunglasses in Ahmedabad’s Ravivari Bazaar with Anuj Sharma

Meandering through Ahmedabad’s Ravivari as Anuj Sharma leads our pack through the sinuous, crowded shopping course of this 598 year old living heritage – the Sunday Gujri market. 

Every Sunday afternoon, this riverfront bazaar changes from it’s usual sedate Sunday morning-self into a crowded thorough-fare of merchants and stalls who are selling all that you can imagine. And with that arrive the many people – young and old – who come to enjoy the sights and sounds of what’s going on.

On this particular Sunday I noticed a little bit of everything. Antique furniture, second-hand clothing, paintings, records, gramophones, war paraphernalia and vintage fashion magazines. The antique, the odd and the downright obscure. All available for a price. 

Now for the ‘art of the deal’. Haggling over the price in India is a tradition as old as the country itself. More often than not you’ll barter back and forth, up and down and in the end, save enough to make Donald Trump proud. The vintage bronze jewelry was of particular interest to us and my friends and I scored pairs of antique kangans (bangles) for Rs.50 each! 

When I revisit, I’d like to catch up on more of the mini-stories scattered around … Read More »

Anuj Sharma: Button Masala at The Verandah

January 31, 2012

A wonderful evening spent at The Verandah for Anuj Sharma’s workshop on Button Masala

For there is no way I can say this better than Nisha Khatwani, a graphic designer and former student of Anuj Sharma‘s, here goes: “Anuj’s take on fashion is easy, understated, free, and is potentially a lifestyle. Making a garment without any sowing is the purest form of making clothing. Draping dhotis or sarees comes naturally to us, so why not apply it to everything we desire? The natural, spontaneous flow of drapes has an endless scope to give shape to new silhouettes, giving us quantum possibilities to express our creativity. Ignoring rules and making clothing fun for all shapes, all seasons – above all, Button Masala ‘makes you think and innovate’. So the next time you want to take your outfit from day to evening, just carry some extra buttons and rubberbands or buy it from the nearest haberdashery.” 

 There is an old proverb that states “If I am told something I will forget, if I am shown something I will remember, but if I am involved I will understand.” To me this embodies what should be at the center of the any experience and it illustrates the educational … Read More »

Somebody Told Me: ROC for FCUK India

December 14, 2011

F and I were invited to a preview of the Autumn Winter 2011 collection for French Connection India a couple of weeks ago. We had a really fun time (Thanks, Harini) trying on outfits, goofing around with ‘striking poses’ for the camera and shooting this video (for the first and very awkward time, so please be gentle).

You see me here in a moss green shimmery sweater (loads of deep autumnal hues with shots of green, purple and rich yellows to choose from this season) that highlights the blacks and greys that tend to take over our wardrobes come winter. Turned around, its a strip of bows playing peekaboo on your back, I hearted it! In other scenes you see me prancing around and err.. giggling shyly in a Pendragon dress that fit wonderfully but.. the one dress I had my heart set on was this Hervé Léger lookalike called Danni. Its a faceoff between Danni and a pretty lil sequinned playsuit number called Lucinda for my New Years’ Eve party outfit. Subtle shimmer vs. all-out bling! What do you think? Which one should I get? :) Help a girl out! (and then come back to see how I finally wore it!) 

Overall, I suppose what we enjoyed best were … Read More »