Jewellery Trends I’m Crushing On Right Now

August 8, 2016

 Neon Accessories:

Wear it under a buttoned up collared shirt or over a vintage tee. Perfect recipe for a proper arm party- color, metal, cuffs, bangles, tons of color and touches of neon.

Paint The Town Red:

Every girl needs red shoes! I like my shoes to be as unique as my jewellery. The bottom necklace is from DANNIJO holiday collection – one part Cleopatra, two parts Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffany’s). It’s about bold statement pieces that will take any ensemble to next level chic.

Textured Metals for The Win:

Oxidized brass and iridescent Swarovski crystal discs spice up anything and everything. Wear them with dresses and jeans in a combo of the colored fur and the velvet booties. Textured metal necklaces are great layered; minimalism in a big way. So is this sleek clean collar!

Pearl Party:

I am just not into traditional pearls. The pearl necklace on the bodice is vintage. It is major! The gunmetal and pearl necklace is old skewl Dannijo. That vintage fur/pearl collar- is cool as shit! You could sew it on a jacket. I love the print on the dress, it feels very Mad Men vintage. Colour blocked bibs are fun and instantly add colour to any look. The oxidized brass and oxidized silver jewellery are classics. Wear one big … Read More »

Pankaj and Nidhi at Wills India Fashion Week FW 2013 – Music Box

April 1, 2014

The Art of Making, Alma Flamenca

An absolute delight – Music Box by Pankaj and Nidhi at Wills India Fashion Week FW 2013. My obsession and fascination with precision in design is rightly illustrated in the making of musical instruments. Shave a little off the length, strike the piece and measure the frequency of its vibration until it is just so. Shave off just a tad too much and you end up with a G  instead of an F sharp! This highly magnified and excruciating detail is what gives it its value. Pankaj and Nidhi display just this in their collection.

Fine crewel-embroidery (known to be more than a thousand-year-old embroidery technique done with wool to create surface decoration on garments or tapestries) was used on merino wool and leather to create garments inspired by musical instruments and musical notes. I figured these ‘beauty’ shots are best to show you the techniques up close!

Outhouse Jewellery

September 27, 2013

In which I refrain from saying Desi Dannijo

A quick look at the Outhouse jewellery display at fashion week and some of our favourite accessories designed by the sisters Sasha and Kaabia Grewal. Outhouse is a fusion of contemporary style and rich craftsmanship. Through their edgy and eclectic styles the sisters endeavor to add an element of avant garde to your life.

Outhouse Favourites

The Moll Bracelet

The Spiffy Cuff

The Old Sport Necklace

The Break Free Earrings

The Flintstone 1960’s Necklace

The Greyhound Necklace

The Braidy Bunch Necklace

The Flamingo brooch


Designers To Know: Karishma Shahani Khan

June 7, 2012

And another homepage special description.

JJ Valaya 2012 Collection: An Ottoman Empire

May 15, 2012

A journey from ivory to colourShort Cocoon Dress with Resham Embroidery and One Shoulder Ivory Jersey Gown with Fine Embroidery

Paneled Jacket and Build-Up Neck Dress with Applique

Tulle skirts

Brocade Jackets with Miniature Turkish Motifs and Velvet Leggings

Digital Printed Jacket with Paisley Motifs and Grey Brocade Kurta with Printed Leggings

Red Empire Gown and Digital Printed Jacket with Metallic Leggings

Anarkali with Embroidered Yoke and Velvet Jacket with Stitch-Up Saree

Digital Printed Saree Gown and Brocade Jacket with Applique Lehenga with Jeweled Embroidery and Crystals

A journey from ivory to colour:

JJ Valaya’s 2012 collection was what you can always expect from him. Brocade and velvet jackets belted over royal hued and finely embroidered sarees and gowns. Anarkalis aplenty. So far.. so good. Nothing revolutionary. But its not all what you show thats important though, its how you show it too. Just as it was a journey from monochrome to vibrance, it seemed to me 3 generations of JJ Valaya’s peeps walked the show including my favourite man of all time, Navtej Johar.  It started with classic whites, tulles, shawl collar jackets and fine embroidery and moved on to denim (yes, denim made an appearance in way of breeches) and went on to some Kantha embroidered lehengas we’ve seen from … Read More »

Mercura NYC Sunglasses: A Future of Glory and Glamour

May 5, 2012

The story behind Mercura NYC Eyewear – most expensive glasses and sunglasses in New York city.

A vision deep-seated in the distant 70’s, yet so forward and propulsive that it is still up-to-the-minute. From the Mercura NYC eyewear designers Merrilee Lichtenstein Cohen and Rachel Cohen-Lunning themselves; “we didn’t have to go to culture to design anymore, its as though culture grew in around us”. With a clientele that includes fashion’s favourite enfant terribles like Lady Gaga, Elton John, Grace Jones and Lil’ Kim, these women have been creating shockingly amazing (and most expensive sun glasses) for decades now.
What I love about Mercura NYC sunglasses is you can be dressed to the max by simply wearing a pair of these surreal x futuristic eyewear. There is spirit and individuality in every frame. These one-of-a-kind pieces are designed with a view on and a longing for the future. You may look like a martian or a space cadet in these frames but you can be sure you’re the only uber fashionable space cadet in the room ;) 
Rachel and Merrilee describe their strengths as follows: futuristic ideas, a love for invention, dramatic sensibilities, and a strong desire to express themselves. Their designs seem to pop up everywhere. I discovered … Read More »

Surreal Mercura NYC Sunglasses: JJ Valaya Wills India Fashion Week 2012

May 2, 2012

JJ Valaya Bridal Couture Collection from Wills India Fashion Week A/W 2012.

A royal looking, gold engraved, sealed memento (release) from JJ Valaya‘s A/W fashion show (at Wills India Fashion Week) informs me that Azrak in Turkish means ‘rare and uncommon’ – the title for this collection. Erm.. Anyone know how to say ‘groovy’ in Turkish? Perhaps a better befitting title as JJ Vallaya‘s paisley embroidered lehengas take on a hip new avatar worn with belted dupattas and Mercura NYC’s Fantasy Golden Girl Sunglasses. Agreeably quirky, I was thrilled to see the same bridal stuff from couture week given a fascinating new life. 

This set of clothing was my favourite from the collection with its Turkish miniature prints and beautiful calligraphy. I’m a sucker for anything with calligraphy/typography! Jackets and drapes were in their predictable Valaya avatars but I loved the exotic colours and surreal sunglasses. It was young and celebratory but contemporary and relevant. Very modern Indian bride. More on Mercura NYC’s amazeballs-ness in the next post. Meanwhile, I am back from Goa with a golden tan and a ton of fashion to share! :)


In Rahul Mishra Wills India Fashion Week 2012

April 24, 2012

At Lakme Fashion Week S/S 2012 in an outfit courtesy of Rahul Mishra from his A/W 2012 collection

Wearing my favourite designer: Jacket and Dress, Rahul Mishra. Shoes, Charles and Keith. Bag, Amused by Ameko 

 Apologies! The next few posts on the blog are AWFULLY late in coming but as the weeks are progressing, I realise I need to get down to dishing daily reports of Delhi and Mumbai fashion news- Wills India Fashion Week A/W 2012 and Lakme Fashion Week S/S 2012. Its a crying shame that my hectic travel and work schedule so far has put a bit of a downer on the blog and what were fantastic 2 weeks of fashion and fun! Oh well…. I’m backtracking a bit, and despite the copious amounts of time lost in between, fond memories of fashion weeks did come to me.

I promise, I do have a ton of things to delve into and explore with India Fashion Weeks. A lot of thoughts in general about having more than one fashion week, the direction Indian fashion designers are taking at these events, the constant struggle of design vs. fashion, showstopper culture, and chilling with some lovely fellow bloggers (in the flesh, finally!) in smoking areas etc. … Read More »

Proenza Schouler 2012: Alex and Lee Necklace Collection

April 19, 2012

A 1960’s San Francisco-inspired necklace collection

Proenza Schouler 2012 in collaboration with Alex and Lee for Pre Spring accessories

Alex and Lee’s Awesome Website

Hippie Hot: Alex and Lee

My increasing pre-occupation with craft has really been honed in over the recent months, owing to my extensive travels around India. Something about artisanal design is timeless and in this country, we have perfected the art of making the home spun/ethnic/handicrafts aesthetic the coolest thing coming out of fashion weeks. More on that later. For now, I look across the pond to Proenza Schouler, my current favorite fashion designers for an inspired, well crafted and strange necklace collection.. Its incredible and I’ve never seen anything like it!

Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez in collaboration with Alex & Lee developed one of a kind pieces of Art-to-Wear jewelry that incorporates intricate knotting of macramé, natural and industrial elements with found objects. From hand-carved wood to copper, pyrite, resin and more, the collection evokes a modern perspective but with a mystical and textured feel of the early 1970s. 

You know me, I was floored by the artisanal touches and my love of assemblage in design making these necklaces high on my collectors list even at a cool heartbeat-skipping 4000$.  

Alex and Lee say they have mountains of cord, trim, minerals, crystals, metal, and found objects, and somehow the elements find … Read More »

Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2012- JJ Valaya

February 23, 2012

When The Night Falls from Faiza Sheikh on Vimeo. Here is a tiny fashion week finale video we created of show-stopper Kangna Ranaut and JJ Valaya taking a bow at Wills India Fashion Week 2012 in Delhi. There were performances by belly dancers and crystal ball jugglers and an elaborate ramp staged to resemble the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul! Though the individual artists were great, it was bit of a drag and had no place in a fashion show, me thinks.  The video is just a trailer to JJ Valaya’s 2012 collection, the final bow really. The beginning was in a monochromatic palette of ivories and black and gradually moved into the colour territory in forms such as Mother of pearl inlay, Turkish miniatures and Iznik ceramics. To view the entire range of JJ Valaya’s clothing, click here. To view the colorful and bridal part of the collection and the designer’s weaves of the Sultan’s robes, exotic birds and graphic calligraphy done on his signature Alika jackets, click on this post where contemporary styling meets ethnic design.