Shake Your Pom Pom

August 25, 2012


I’m getting used to Spring/Summer 2012′s take on fringing in the form of pom-poms. Could never tell if they were hideuos or cute. The variations I’m spotting on the internetz though have an overall rave-like quality that I’m digging right now– living in a crazy world that manages to refine bad taste.

What they are, is a party, a riot that you will have to live up to to wear. A bit risky (like the Man Repeller even said here) but certainly eye-catching. That’s why DIY comes in. When you’re not really certain of a trend and you don’t want to pay for it, why not try to DIY the new it-POM-POM-craze? :)

Sequin Peter Pan Collar DIY

March 29, 2011

Easy-peasy peter pan collar DIY

DIY: De-Constructed Lace

March 5, 2011

Post for

Jason Wu has emerged a clear hit (among editors and bloggers alike) this New York Fashion Week 2011 with his Baroque meets Sportswear collection for Ready-To-Wear this season which makes perfect sense to me. Modern women, women always on the go don’t want to be bothered with elaborate or fussy garments. With a theme like this, you can keep the shapes simple but make the decoration luxurious which fulfils the need for a shot of drama in your outfits in a chic yet comfortable way.

Jason Wu used more than 15 types of lace for embellishment just as so many other designers this season. Lace is all over the place! Its a great detail in your garments that suggests subtle glamour and opulence. But we know this already, lace has been around for seasons, you say? Thats Right. What we’re here to see today is how to get most wear out of a delicate detail like lace which is not easy to wear all the time. The trendiest way is to wear it this season – de-construct and re-engineer lace into your wardrobe, which quite simply means taking it apart and re-embroidering it like you did jigsaw puzzles as a kid. Here are a … Read More »

Crystal Ring DIY

February 4, 2011

Via A Pair and a Spare DIY

Remember back when we talked about/lusted after these ginormous crystal rings and their awesome spiritual properties? If I couldn’t afford one then, here is how I can now! :)Mega-Watt-Rock-Ring-How-To:1. Get your chosen rock, ring base (cereal box rings will do maybe?) and glue together.2. Choose the flat side of the rock as the underside,  and add some glue. Wait for it to dry a little so it becomes tacky.3. Press the ring base onto the glue.4. Add some more glue around and on top of the base of the ring so that it holds better.5. Let it dry overnight or however long it says on the glue. Voila!

Spine Dress DIY

January 11, 2011

I keep stumbling upon so many great DIY tutorials! With this dress, it’d be a crime not to share something so simple and so genius. Here is one from the gorgeous Ivania of Love Aesthetics.Spine Dress Recipe:Ingredients:-Any stretch bodycon-ish dress-Scissors-Needle & threadPreparation time: 15 min.

Fold the dress in half, but do this sideways. 
Make sure the side seams touch each other so you know exactly what the middle of your back will be. 
Slice the dress in slices of approximately 5 mm thickness. 
Unfold the dress and notice all the small ‘ribbons’. 
Now take the first top ribbon and pull the ribbon below through it. 
Do the same with the ribbon below and go on until the bottom. 
Sew the last ribbon in place and… voila!

Mirror Collar DIY

December 22, 2010

A detachable collar with a mirrored surface! Here is a lovely tutorial I stumbled upon. What you will need:

Unwanted Shirt
An old CD, or two, depending on how much surface you want to cover.
Basin/Old Container that can fit the CD nicely. (You might want to throw this away when you’re done)
A Chopstick
A pair of scissors (that you’re, preferably, willing to part with)


Cut out the collar from the shirt.
Place the CD into the container, and pour boiling water into the container. 
Wait for 1-2 minutes. (Go watch an advertisement, or two.)
Use the chopstick to remove the CD from the container.
Make sure the CD isn’t hot enough to scald your hand, then use your scissors to cut the CD. Don’t cut the CD all the way through!
Cut the CD out into angular shapes, then place them on your collar to see if you like it. (That photograph is not a good example! I think that it looks better when the pieces are smaller.)
When you’re pleased with what you see, carefully glue the pieces on your collar.

You could probably also try Lucinda’s these prismatic shoes DIY or your own crazy interpretations. I would love to see the results, so mail me! :)

via aetienne

Infinity Scarf DIY

December 16, 2010

For a quick, easy-to-make project that is not only stylish but also protects you from the elements, look no further than Infinity Scarves. Whether you make your version with faux fur, de-construct your chunky sweater knit, or even soft viscose, this accessory is so much fun (and so simple) to sew and wear that you’ll want to make a dozen!;) 

This is literally a 15 minute DIY. I used an old long tee (viscose material) that I no longer sleep in and cut it in diagonal strips to get most length out of each strip because I’m lazy and that made sewing minimal. I then arranged them around my neck for length reference and secured all the strips in place with a few stitches. My only vaguely creative contribution to the scarf was to add 3 long chains and sow them into the scarf. Just one more step; to keep the strips and chains in place and cover the (haphazardly) stitched ends, wrap the messy bit of the scarf with another small inch and half wide strip of the same material and sew it/glue it/staple it if you like. And voila! :)

I also did toy around with the idea of adding twists to the strips which … Read More »

Badges and Brooches DIY

December 1, 2010

I’m all about the badges and brooches these days; such an easy way to perk up an outfit. I like how these girls went all out with the idea of millitary badge embellishments. Definitely a Must Try DIY. I adore the last picture for its subtle flourishes. Stringing together a bunch of pretty brooches and a pocket watch too, perhaps, in a giant safety pin looks like a great way of personalising your jacket, no? Or.. Lets do this! :)

YSL Arty Ring DIY

November 26, 2010

The DIY Version via Style Hurricane:

Who needs wads of cash when you have creativity?! ;)UPDATE: You can buy your own YSL ARTY Knockoff for a fraction of the cost at The Republic Of Chic Online Store. Take your pick from the Arty Oval rings and Arty bracelets to Arty Dots rings to Arty Enamel rings at our collection labelled The YSL Itch ;)

Studded Suede Pumps DIY

June 29, 2010

You’ve all seen these vanilla suede pumps spruced with some ankle jewellery here before. F decided to give them a new life with a few silver bindis (crystal-ish stickers) for a glamorous night out. They turned out spectacular so I followed suit with a rather cowboy-esque design of my own. I love that it is permanent enough for hours of dancing but temporary enough for a do-over in an entirely new inspired way each time! Also, the transformation costed Rs. 20 for 2 packets of bindis. A sunday afternoon well spent, you think?