Day 2 at BFW 13th Edition

July 25, 2015

Day 2 ended with a embarrassingly massive fangirl moment with showstopper Lisa Ray

I don’t find myself in ethnic wear too often but there are some designers that make me reconsider this strongly. Gaurang Shah’s collection presented the modern age bride who is traditional and culturally rooted. Walking down the ‘aisle’ were jamdani sarees and ensembles in khadi, uppada, kanjeevaram, paithani, benarasi, patanpatola accentuated with zardosi embroidery, parsi embroidery, chikankari embroidery and hand-painted kalamkari. Simple but strong, I was drwan to the elaborate unconventional drapes of anarkalis, lehengas and kurtas.

Also to be mentioned is Nidhika Shekhar who showcased a wonderfully feminine collection in pastel nudes, dusky pinks, foggy aquas some punches of black & blue. The ornamentation was intricate and minimal with zari, nalki, moti & sequence – so pleasant on the eyes at a sometimes over-the-top A/W festive parade!

Riya Kodali’s collection was inspired by the marine life, announced the host.The designs themselves were so-so but go up close and there is something to be said about the embellishments. Hand embroidery and appliques dominated the lehengas and gowns. The highlight of my day has to be Lisa Ray who walked down the ramp in a meh gown in blue with fish embroidery with american stones featuring the theme of the show. The … Read More »

Day 1 at BFW 13th Edition

July 24, 2015

Day 1 couldn’t be better with discovery of designer gems at Bangalore Fashion Week!

Ravi Ranjan Kumar of Vastragatha is fresh off the fashion school boat and raring to go! I spent an hour chatting with him last afternoon after his show – I grew quite enamoured by his structured designs and use of texture. The shell and cape silhouettes were so unique and flattering. Ravi tells me he used natural linens, cottons, silks and dabka fabrics and layered them in the Sujani method which is essentially a technique of quilting. It is this that gives the garments that wonderful hold and structure! They were embellished with simple lines of stitches running through them sometimes giving way to motifs of birds and trees, rivers and fish and the occasional ‘man in meditation’ in zardozi and peeta. Ravi lamented on how we’ve all lost our ties with nature and he hopes that this collection will make you consider renewing our bonds with Mother Nature

Rehane welcomes you to a world of pastel hues. Almost soothing to see mellow yellows and minty greens in fall/winter collections – you’d generally expect dark and pallid tones. Rehane did everything from skater dresses to sarees … Read More »

Bangalore Fashion Week Highlights: Day 4

January 25, 2015

Deepika Govind : Deepika Govind pays homage to a glorious bygone era in the history of Karnataka in her collection entitled ‘Bazaars Of Hampi’. The designer showcased a collection built around the drape based silhouettes of early Indian civilizations. All the looks shown were based on fluidity, accentuating the earthy sensuality of Indian women in a time before ours.

Trends On Runway by Aslam Khan: Aslam Khan showed a very straightforward collection of menswear aptly titled Trends On Runway. The show was a simple curation of smartly tailored suits and jackets in tussar silks and brocade. The colour palette remained light with beiges, oranges, rusts and gold. The looks flowed from casual daywear to dressy to festive. This was a collection you could wear straight off the runway!

Suvankar and Rinku :Suvankar and Rinku paid tribute to the handicrafts of Bengal in their collection at Bangalore Fashion Week. The collection saw simple ornamentation with interesting twists like mirror work, button work and floral appliques.

Chaitali & Biplab : Chaitali & Biplab’s collection called ‘Maharani’ was a festive collection inspired by some vintage photographs and lifestyles of maharajas and maharanis of ancient India. It mixed natural fibres with some quintessentially Indian crafts. Ornamentation was an interesting mix … Read More »

Bangalore Fashion Week Highlights: Day 3

January 24, 2015

The Versatile Six Yards by Snapdeal: Snapdeal proudly presented ‘The Versatile Six Yards’ at the 12th edition of Bangalore Fashion Week showcasing some coveted bridal pieces from India’s finest couturiers. The show was curated to reflect the sensibilities of a today’s modern bride with traditional silhouettes and ornamentation reinterpreted to meet the requirements of the new age woman. The collection included bridal couture pieces from design heavyweights like Manish Arora, Ritu Kumar and Malini Ramani.

Fahd Khatri: Fahd Khatri showed a collection that celebrated the craftspeople of Gujarat through a creative reinterpretation of Kachchi Ajrakh in up-to-the-minute clothing. The wide-legged ajrakh one-piece quickly became our favourite casual wear piece for Spring/Summer 2015.

Pooja Tanveer Chougule: Khadi comes of age in Pooja Tanveer Chougule’s S/S 15 collection aptly entitled ‘Made In India’. While this ancient weave continues to be a symbol of freedom, the designer gave it a luxe makeover by introducing silk into the weave and decorating it with Indian mythological prints created out of vegetable dyes.

Soucika by Kamal Raj Manickath: For Spring/Summer of 2015, ‘Soucika’ by Kamal Raj Manickath showcased a stunning bridal wear collection entitled ‘Kalyanasougandhikam’ inspired by the flora of the season. Painted perennials, beaded blossoms and appliqué blooms, Soucika’s florals were a delightfully mixed … Read More »

Bangalore Fashion Week Highlights: Day 2

January 23, 2015

Pria Katariaa Puri: Pria Katariaa Puri’s aesthetic is niche, to be sure, but you can’t say these clothes don’t have a magnetic personality. Think hippie global traveller inspired prints and textures with luxe gemstone embellished sleeves and necklines, braided headbands and the occasional oscillating tassel detail. Cheaper than an around the world ticket but just as fun, we’ll say that much.

Abhishek Dutta: For some brides traditional style just won’t cut it. And if you were the rule-breaking kind, the first step you’d take in moving away from tradition would probably be Abhishek Dutta’s bridal collection titled ‘Womanhood’.

Wings By Sonia Sri Bhattu: If we were going to give a literal title to Sonia Sri Bhattu’s presentation at Bangalore Fashion Week, ‘Old Egypt and New India’ would probably be it.

Adyaatana by Archana Nallam: Pastel pinks, pale yellows, baby blues and soft spearmints – Archana Nallam’s spring/summer palette is spellbinding.

Anita & Nitin: Anita and Nitin’s collection was saturated with jewel tones, daringly digital-prints, and was so unabashedly covered in shimmering embellishments – it was truly eye candy.

Ankur & Sonia: Ankur and Sonia turned back the clock to an undeniably romantic age of opulent glamour with ‘Charas’. The collection comprised of bold straight gowns in textured fabrics that the designers created … Read More »

Bangalore Fashion Week Highlights: Day 1

January 22, 2015

Rehane : Rehane is known for her expressive use of colour and texture in every collection but this time colour didn’t come as fabrics but as an extravaganza of traditional kutchi embroidery. Taking her inspiration from the beaches of Goa and Miami and playing off the fun beachwear theme, the collection saw an amalgamation of two diametrically opposite design philosophies – rural ornamentations on silhouettes which are edgy, modern and fun. If the traditional embroidery conjured eras past, the clothes here hardly smacked of passé. Rehane has a modern touch. Modern, and light and always fun. Easy shift dresses, short skirts and wide-legged pants practically floated down the runway in ease. The proportions were fresh and sexy with a clever juxtaposition of gingham and mirror embroidery – very global traveller chic. Kolhapuris, fistfuls of rings, and carefree beach braids finished off the look. The peace-and-love vibes were intentional and rather welcome.

Dream Zone Student’s Program : Look into’s crystal ball – and Bangalore Fashion Week’s runways – to find the next designer superstars in the making. A slew of young student designers from Dream Zone worked towards recreating the quintessential Indian aesthete that never goes out of style. The emerging crop of … Read More »

Behind The Scenes At Bangalore Fashion Week 12th Edition

January 22, 2015

The countdown to Bangalore Fashion Week was on and I went behind-the-scenes to take a peek at the escalating excitement and well, the chaotic countdown leading up to the show.

From the meticulously tailored designs to the hand-painted beauty finishes and beyond, there’s a lot of work that goes into the making of fashion week – we know this. But, while in the front row, it’s often easy to forget about the crazy, frenetic push it took to get everything ready for the runway.

Here’s a sneak peek of the 12th edition of Bangalore Fashion Week powered by

India Couture Week 2014 | SRMJ Jewellers

July 28, 2014

Tomorrow is Eid ul-Adha, the Feast of Abraham. Even as I write this, I’m having gluttonous visions of consuming copious amounts of mom’s biryani swathed in luxe Indian wear. Prayers, gifts, family reunions and all that good stuff aside, sartorially speaking – this is probably one of the few days in the year I indulge myself in Indian wear. As minimal, as dark, as punk as my style can be on a normal day – on Eid, I’m all about the luxuriously intricate karigari on larger-than-life anarkalis and lehengas.

This brings me to to the work of Harpreet and Rimple Narula at India Couture Week 2014. Avid lovers of Islamic motifs, they have created textures taking inspirations from Mughal monuments and adding modern techniques like laser cutting to give them a new-age interpretation. For ICW specifically, their collection saw cloaks, jackets and capes, drawing inspiration from nomads and wanderers from the North-West Frontier province, Persia and Syria, which they found particularly inspiring. Using handcrafted textures, manipulative hand stitches and crochet, along with monogrammed coins and colourful thread work, they tell the story of people living in parched desert areas who haven’t let the colour drain out of their lives despite their daily hardships.

The showstopper for their … Read More »

Pankaj and Nidhi at Wills India Fashion Week FW 2013 – Music Box

April 1, 2014

The Art of Making, Alma Flamenca

An absolute delight – Music Box by Pankaj and Nidhi at Wills India Fashion Week FW 2013. My obsession and fascination with precision in design is rightly illustrated in the making of musical instruments. Shave a little off the length, strike the piece and measure the frequency of its vibration until it is just so. Shave off just a tad too much and you end up with a G  instead of an F sharp! This highly magnified and excruciating detail is what gives it its value. Pankaj and Nidhi display just this in their collection.

Fine crewel-embroidery (known to be more than a thousand-year-old embroidery technique done with wool to create surface decoration on garments or tapestries) was used on merino wool and leather to create garments inspired by musical instruments and musical notes. I figured these ‘beauty’ shots are best to show you the techniques up close!

Outhouse Jewellery

September 27, 2013

In which I refrain from saying Desi Dannijo

A quick look at the Outhouse jewellery display at fashion week and some of our favourite accessories designed by the sisters Sasha and Kaabia Grewal. Outhouse is a fusion of contemporary style and rich craftsmanship. Through their edgy and eclectic styles the sisters endeavor to add an element of avant garde to your life.

Outhouse Favourites

The Moll Bracelet

The Spiffy Cuff

The Old Sport Necklace

The Break Free Earrings

The Flintstone 1960’s Necklace

The Greyhound Necklace

The Braidy Bunch Necklace

The Flamingo brooch