Que Style Takeover

June 26, 2016


White Lace Dress from New Look, Striped foil skirt from H&M, Suede jacket by 3.1 Phillip Lim, Heels by Zara.

A few days ago, TataCliq invited me to do something really fun for Que magazine. I got an email asking me to to explore Que, that I will find that was about real people and real stories. Sure enough, it’s for the short girl, the tall guy, the plus sized working mom, the Libran, the perfectionist, the sapiosexual, the drummer, the dreamer and the procrastinator. And y’know what? Que is about as #IRL as I’ve seen any fashion platform get in India. I promptly circulated it among my team for references on how to tell stories that matter. The Style Takeover meant I styled The-Little-White Dress from New Look in a way that was uniquely my own and so of course, I added a foiled leather jacket, a foiled striped skirt and metallic heels. It’s pretty cool to see how bloggers from around the country have styled it too!


December 22, 2015


I’m a sucker for beautiful design especially when combined with robust functionality. And there are no better examples of this combination than in nature. Ever look at honeycombs and wonder why bees make the perfect hexagons, with jewellers’ precision? ;) Besides being a gorgeous mix of delicate configurations of lines and angles that reflect a desire for barely-there jewels, hexagonal honeycombs make the perfect optimised compact grids to store in- minimal weight and maximum strength. Imagine if your jewellery reflected this too, y’know, besides just looking pretty.

Caratlane.com recently introduced it’s BeeJewelled collection with jewellery made in grid-like formations play host to strips of diamonds in waves which add a touch of just-enough glamour to an edgy collection. The designs are powerfully impressive ranging from fan-like frills of honeybee wings to honeycomb-inspired geo-styling that is delicate but strong. My favourite pieces are the ones that also allow a sense of movement (like these earrings) in all the geometrical grids and wire-work, softening the rigidity that geometric designs can sometimes end up with.

{I’m wearing the Remi Droplet Drop Earring, Sidra Drop Pendant, Aina Deep Twist Ring and the Eira Sparkle Ring on a plain canvas of an off-shoulder white midi-dress to keep the attention … Read More »

Anouk x Disney x Republic of Chic

May 7, 2015

Disney gone Desi! 

It is as though someone at Myntra got wind of the fact that I’m a closet Disney fan. You see, I’m that lil’ girl that played the Ultimate Collection of Disney Princess Soundtracks on loop until her parents had to hide the cassette. And I’m still that (big?) girl who sings all the songs from The Little Mermaid in the shower (in that cartoonish Lobster falsetto to boot). Needless to say, I got a lot of my fashion inspiration from the fairytale princesses.

Somewhere between then and now, I did grew up and forgot all about the Technicolor stuff I loved to doll myself up in. And thats why, when the Anouk x Disney collaboration came along, it forced me to break out of my monochrome comfort zone. Anouk x Disney itself is somewhat of an unconventional collab, with it’s Disney meets Desi vibe. It is a collection paying tribute to Disney’s most iconic character – Mickey Mouse. One glance at the page and you’ll see playful technicolour prints, Mickey motifs set to peacocks and paisley. One of these vibrant scarves and jumpsuits is definitely on my wishlist too.

Pink Crop Top from Anouk Disney Collection, Polka dot skirt from Sheinside, Striped Pants from Bangkok, Platform Heels from Zara, Mickey headband from Forever21 

I paired the … Read More »

Haute Stuff

March 13, 2015



In which I indulge in some Haute Haberdashery

Sure, if you’ve met me you’ve probably never seen me accessorise in big ‘statement’ jewellery. I have a few signature jewellery pieces in clean themes and simple lines that are a huge part of my day-time mix for the ease of throwing them on halfway out the door and never having to suspect if they’ll pull the day’s look together – they always do. But sometimes, on special occasions, I’ll fixate on the thought that jewellery should be larger-than-life and celebratory, gather one in.

It’s been one of those times when, having done my usual – lets call it ‘inspiration run’ – through some of my favourite fashion blogs and magazines, a common theme jumped out at me – haute couture. When Kirtilals asked if I’d like to do a collaboration with them, I felt compelled to seek out some rather couture-inspired jewellery pieces which riff on very detailed and intricate craftsmanship, drawing from India’s traditional jewellery designs. Kirtilals specialises in creating jewellery which skilfully navigates that fine line between classic and innovative.

An Exotic Bloom 

I think that florals are really hot right now so I included an ornate studded gold necklace that did … Read More »

Date Night Shopping At Kazo

January 16, 2015

What oh what do I wear?!

I have a date on Saturday night. Whatever. No big deal seeing as most of my Saturday nights are spent with the profound realisation that anyone with party plans just doesn’t have a bag of chips as big as I do. Or occasionally, I will put on some pants (you’re welcome) and socialise (on Twitter) to find out which wine pairs best with home alone on a Friday night.

I digress though. The most important thing of interest about the date here is really..What oh what do I wear?

Now, being a hardcore pants person, the only time you’ll see me in a dress is if I’m in the tropics and it’s too damn hot for pants (in which case you probably won’t even see the dress) or, if I’m doing filming work and nothing else looks good on camera. And first dates are as awkward as f*** anyway, right? I never know where to put my elbows + I’m constantly worried that a wayward crumb has set up camp on my cheek or worse, in my cleavage. I mean, I’m listening and I’m nodding and the conversation is going so well but does … Read More »

Happy 10th Anniversary, Tommy Hilfiger!

December 20, 2014

I love working in the creative field. I wake up everyday and think – who do I want to be at work today? David Bowie or Annie Hall? Radical or conservative? Elegant or undone? Runway-chic or model-off-duty? 

For all the times I’ve settled on ‘East Coast Ivy Leaguer’, Tommy Hilfiger has been the only real ‘classic’ that has served as my wardrobe’s muse. It seems to have perfected a flair that speaks to an aspirational lifestyle filled with education, travel, aspirations and excitement. The style is synonymous with intelligence and grace : sleek suiting, pearls, elegant suitcases, kidskin gloves, kitten heels, and cashmere. Mhmm..

My inspiration for ‘preppy’ has now become a bit more ironic, and less obvious, when compared to the standard bermuda shorts and blazers and cable knits and saddle shoes. A modern take on the old classics, if you will. It’s sort of a Dead Poets’ Society meets Grease. Robin Williams meets the T-Birds. Ralph Lauren meets Rock ’n’ Roll. While the multifaceted foundations of the ‘all American college aesthetics’ are fascinating in their history, the metamorphosis of this style really excites me. Tommy Hilfiger seems to have caught wind of this too. Notice the lil’ leather … Read More »


December 19, 2014

C’mon. Even the most designer-devoted among us can come right out and admit it. The deluge of label-laden ‘look-at-me’ ensembles that descend on us with each Sonam Kapoor movie can eventually grow a little fatiguing, right?! As much as I love to see someone get to actually wear the Valentino and Dior looks of our dreams, we just have to draw the line somewhere—if only so we don’t drive ourselves to drink and online shop till our credit cards are maxed out.

That said, every once in a while, there are a few girls from the cinema who register on our radar and instantaneously capture our full and complete attention. And by this, I mean the skilful stylists working behind the scenes too. I’ve spotted Karuna Laungani (former fashion editor at Elle magazine) at a few fashion weeks looking impossibly effortless and cool and down-to-earth – you know, all the qualities that will generally make you wish you could be just a little bit more like her.

Her styling in Khoobsurat possesses this studied, yet entirely new take on the misfit style and has a mean mismatched socks game too. Sonam Kapoor’s character, Mili, is a comfort loving, bargain … Read More »

Style Your Way To Paris with Swarovski

November 20, 2014


About 2 days ago, I crammed a weekend bag with some sequins and shoes in a mad hurry and scrammed out to Swarovski’s Bangalore edition of the ‘Style Your Way to Paris’ event. Seriously, sometimes I wish these events were public attractions that I can recommend to anyone visiting – I’d pipe on about this style master-class held in a mediterranean restaurant (Olive, one of my favourites) where you get to break pita bread with pretty women while sipping on sangrias…the fashion is fabulous, the jewellery you get to style yourself with is a treat and when the evening comes to an end, it just isn’t enough. But alas, it was a special occasion that brought together sweet bloggers Deepali, Nilu, Pranita, and Namita around a fun styling contest that could send you to Paris Fashion Week.

The looks were Boho-Chic and Formal Lunch. Here are my somewhat over-the-top interpretations of both.

Look 1: Boho-Hobo 

Sequin Dress – Vintage and thrifted on travels, Maxi skirt and Caftan – Zara, Tapestry Shoes – Charles and Keith, Box Clutch – Rachana Reddy, Bracelets – Slake by Swarovski 

I joked that everything on me that … Read More »

Skincare For Dummies: Sunscreen

September 30, 2014

A midsummer sonnet on sunscreen.

Excuse me but is where you are right now as torturously sunny as where I am? It is an average of 3000°C up in here and I want to shred every synthetic piece of clothing in my closet and toss every synthetic cosmetic that comes in contact with my (sweaty-schizo-parched-yet-oily?) skin. If Bangalore is burning, pretty sure hell has frozen over. Global warming is making itself known. Leo, I believe you now.

On a somewhat related note, have I told you guys that I’m on the wrong side of 25 already? Up until this year, I was all – “Sunscreen is for losers! I am woman, hear my melanin roar! I can brave the sun, acquire a covetable beach tan and come out unscathed!” Well, as is no surprise, I have realised that, this is, in fact, incredibly untrue.

Sunscreen, much like dental floss, is a doctor-recommended product that grandma never used but aged beautifully regardless, am I right? I mean, as Indians we are chock full of melanin protecting us against those bastard UV rays, right? Wrong. Sun protection is mad important, you guys. And so is flossing, now that we brought that up. Must.Floss.

Anyhoo, enter some … Read More »

A Boutique and A Boutique Bollywood Actor

August 24, 2014

A Rahul Khanna shaped rabbit-hole of love. Aand falling.

The Collective held its 5 year anniversary in Bangalore last weekend. The stylish presentations attracted the city’s fashion media mafia, radio brigade, art crowd and the always-present socialites. But topping the list of reasons for why my excitement was bursting at the seams were:

He Was There

And How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways (via Lulu Guinness) 

..which co-incidentally are available at The Collective, Bangalore. The Discovery Of Lulu Guinness in my city is one for much celebration, I would say. I found the perfect clutch for the retro dress I was in – Vintage Red Lips. As cliché as this sounds, this distinctive Dali-esque lips clutch which is the brand’s central motif, is my favorite of them all. So weird and wonderful, all at once.

Call Me Happy Socks 

..which is just what I was at the end of the day owing to Rahul Khanna’s mere being and these Happy Socks peppered admist an immaculate display of beautiful men’s shoes. Also, shout-out to Rohita; one of my favourite people in the world (who was co-crushing on Rahul Khanna just as hard).

Obligatory Outfit Details

Dress from a … Read More »