December 19, 2014

C’mon. Even the most designer-devoted among us can come right out and admit it. The deluge of label-laden ‘look-at-me’ ensembles that descend on us with each Sonam Kapoor movie can eventually grow a little fatiguing, right?! As much as I love to see someone get to actually wear the Valentino and Dior looks of our dreams, we just have to draw the line somewhere—if only so we don’t drive ourselves to drink and online shop till our credit cards are maxed out.

That said, every once in a while, there are a few girls from the cinema who register on our radar and instantaneously capture our full and complete attention. And by this, I mean the skilful stylists working behind the scenes too. I’ve spotted Karuna Laungani (former fashion editor at Elle magazine) at a few fashion weeks looking impossibly effortless and cool and down-to-earth – you know, all the qualities that will generally make you wish you could be just a little bit more like her.

Her styling in Khoobsurat possesses this studied, yet entirely new take on the misfit style and has a mean mismatched socks game too. Sonam Kapoor’s character, Mili, is a comfort loving, bargain … Read More »

Mirror Mirror

January 15, 2014

Wearing: Floral Mirror Print Jumpsuit and Pom Pom Heels – Both ASOS , Sunnies from RoC store 

 I’ve been crushing on all things printed lately (floral, micro, animal, graphic, and the list goes on), but my favourite? Mirror prints! This new pattern du jour is appearing on a variety of ‘on-trend’ clothes, like pencil skirts, button-down blouses and floaty dresses, in a profusion of glorious spring color. This ASOS jumpsuit featuring symmetrical motifs is feminine, flowery, bold and abstract in one! Strings of colourful pom poms on my heels were required to finish this look for which I turned to ASOS again.

Fall In Style

September 6, 2012

I hate myself for instigating that pun, more so for executing it

Zara: In for Fall

As evidenced by their lookbook, September is quite simply a month of trends resurrected. And these are the jackets that have the power to complete an entire season’s wardrobe. The bold and the beautiful, from top left: the quilted floral, the oversized biker, the camouflage, the embellished, the  two-toned, the structured and the beaded. With the 8 items previewed above, I’ve already developed 30 hypothetical outfits. There is a nip in the air already and when weather permits (which I believe it might quite soon, I love Bangalore is), I will wear the shit out (maybe a couple) of these jackets.

Shake Your Pom Pom

August 25, 2012


I’m getting used to Spring/Summer 2012′s take on fringing in the form of pom-poms. Could never tell if they were hideuos or cute. The variations I’m spotting on the internetz though have an overall rave-like quality that I’m digging right now– living in a crazy world that manages to refine bad taste.

What they are, is a party, a riot that you will have to live up to to wear. A bit risky (like the Man Repeller even said here) but certainly eye-catching. That’s why DIY comes in. When you’re not really certain of a trend and you don’t want to pay for it, why not try to DIY the new it-POM-POM-craze? :)

Layering On The Neon

June 1, 2012

Perfect Shourouk necklaces for the neon jewelry trend!

Diamond necklaces don’t appeal to me at all. I prefer fun jewelry with big stones—so large they would be untouchable if they were real.
-Iris Apfel

The Mod New Maang Tikka

March 19, 2012

The newest way to wear the traditional Indian wedding/bridal Maang-Tikka in a modern Parisian style!

Lately, I find myself being supremely interested in collections when Indian fashion designers don’t alienate the omnipresent aesthetics of all things “ethnic” and “exotic” that we are subject to, every moment, in this country. That is not to say I will ever enjoy a two-ton, gussied up Manish Malhotra lehenga.. No. Sure, being inspired by your own culture is wonderful but sometimes, it can feel like designers are shackled to that singular aesthetic. Relating your work to your personal experiences and where you come from obviously yields fantastic things but its when a collection reflects a reality that is genuine and sparkling but still feels like it’s shaking things up a bit, then I stand up and take notice. 

Sometimes, inspiration strikes from across the pond. “It’s all about refinement. It’s the Paris version of the idea of India,” explains Karl Lagerfeld on Chanel’s Paris-Bombay collection. “Most of the inspiration is from Indian men’s clothes rather than women’s clothes. They’re easier to wear.” – Haha.. I hear this!  When I saw this show, I had to share with you a string of images of these ingenious little stringed beauties, the re-worked Chanel Maang-Tikka.

The tikka … Read More »


January 13, 2012

God Of Wine

Beetle Face

F found this funky dude carved out of a root in Pondicherry. He reminds me of Jesus but she named him Moriarty and now he lives on a wall in her room. She wishes him a good night every night before falling asleep and says he watches over her. (Ermm.. she’s a bit cuckoo, that one) He makes wonderful display for jewellery too. In picture one, he’s wearing my favourite Gold Beetle Ring and in the next, my choicest Floral bracelet (wreath?) of the moment. Moriarty has pretty awesome taste in dressing up and loves accessorizing. He swears by the Republic Of Chic online store where you can buy both the Beetle ring and Floral Bracelet or simply mail me! ;)

1 Floral Shirt: 7 Ways

January 10, 2012

Floral on Pastel ala Park and Cube

Floral on Tailored ala Fashionerdic
Floral on Floral ala Wheredidyougetthat

Floral on ermm.. lets call this ‘Barely’ Floral ala Fashion Toast

Floral on Leather ala Haute Pursuit

Floral on Burgundy

Aaand finally, the Botanical Biker ;)

I know Bryfling snagged one of these shirts too and I’m dying to see how see wears her’s :)

Somebody Told Me: ROC for FCUK India

December 14, 2011

F and I were invited to a preview of the Autumn Winter 2011 collection for French Connection India a couple of weeks ago. We had a really fun time (Thanks, Harini) trying on outfits, goofing around with ‘striking poses’ for the camera and shooting this video (for the first and very awkward time, so please be gentle).

You see me here in a moss green shimmery sweater (loads of deep autumnal hues with shots of green, purple and rich yellows to choose from this season) that highlights the blacks and greys that tend to take over our wardrobes come winter. Turned around, its a strip of bows playing peekaboo on your back, I hearted it! In other scenes you see me prancing around and err.. giggling shyly in a Pendragon dress that fit wonderfully but.. the one dress I had my heart set on was this Hervé Léger lookalike called Danni. Its a faceoff between Danni and a pretty lil sequinned playsuit number called Lucinda for my New Years’ Eve party outfit. Subtle shimmer vs. all-out bling! What do you think? Which one should I get? :) Help a girl out! (and then come back to see how I finally wore it!) 

Overall, I suppose what we enjoyed best were … Read More »


November 29, 2011

Supergalactic adornments

I remember the first time I saw them in Celine’s 2011 resort collection. The stood out like knock-outs against the clean, minimal dresses and I thought of them as non conformists, yes – bracelets for the neck. Thus began my love affair with metal collar necklaces. These collar-length rigid metal necklaces encircle the neck but don’t fit tight around the neck as a choker-length necklace would, nor do they conform to the shape of the neck; they stand away from the body and create their own space. They’re everything I aspire to be ;) 

Notice those gorgeous silver and gold cuff bracelets too? Right off the bat, I bought a warrior-like rose gold cuff from ASOS and a couple other hammered silver cuffs for the Republic Of Chic online store but I was always on the lookout for that fabulous (and elusive, mind you) collar necklace. I’m so thrilled to have finally found them and not just for me, for you too! :) 
These dramatic eye-catching circlets have been interpreted by numerous designers and favored by loads of fashion editors this season. Circlets of all diameters and sizes, celine-like thick ones, thinner ones –  ‘supergalactic’ comes to mind, doesn’t it? All coming to ROC store soon.

I … Read More »